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Save Money NOW!

As a member of CarePartners, you will have access to thousands of leading suppliers in almost every area of your expense report. You might even get a standing ovation from your board after you show how much money you save being a member of CarePartners. Money that can be used for people costs or much-needed strategic plans. If ever there were a right time for hospices to collaborate and achieve savings, it is now. It’s a simple view of allowing each of us to provide better patient care in our respective communities by saving money on material costs.

leverage our expertise

Leverage Our Expertise

CarePartners brings years of hospice experience and expertise to share with members. Each member draws from the other, sharing new opportunities to save in every area of our hospice agencies. While many members focus on Pharmacy costs, other areas are of rising interest to many. We offer a team of specialists who know our challenges through hundreds of healthcare projects across the country. You have access to a full team of experts from the moment you imagine your next construction and/or equipment project.

easy to join

Easy to Join

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